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NSF Whistleblower about agency IPA time deprecation

Whistleblower coverage?

Synopsis of 2011 "No cause" Firing of Fleisch

Complaints addendum

What is the Pelican Brief?

Pelican Professor Brief

Whosigns: A short counting proof

Legally incorrect statements by UCOP lawyers in TPO: Legallyfalse.pdf

Emeritus rights

UCOP lawyer tells the Court "faculty dont deserve web sites"

Whistleblower Call-in Report

Police Commission complaint (public copy)

Response to Funder testimony in RIC1110397

Ricks Instructions

Conflicts of Interest Concerns

WARNING:Confidential Settlements NOT ACCEPTABLE

Email to Regents 4/12/17

Statement Abstract(see link below)

Statement of concerns about a frivolous accusation

Comparison of besmirchment steps

Thoughts:statement for to tell the truth

Answers to Common Questions about the Firing of Fleisch

Someone doesnt know the ropes

Complaint: Incompetent Administrative Actions (UCOP)

Fraud Complaints Summary: What's an Homage?

Why use an Homage?

Homage FAQ (in development)

Pumping the Officer Counts

Pumping the Judicial Signature Counts: A Clever UCOP scheme

Speculations and ramblings on the use of homages

Protection order paperwork fraud concerns

Questions for investigators: what to ask those involved in the construction process of a protection order ("homages")

complaint letter

Letter from CA Attorney General's office

Response to Letter from CA Attorney General's office

District Attorney letter about "order" and TPOs that precede signed by ADAs he denies are involved

Response to Letter from DA

Elections, Endorsements and the DA

Viewgraphs on University Rights Complaint/Fleisch

Pointers to Confidence games aka the "homage" confidence games

Motivations for not firing Computer Scientists

Analysis: The exploding demand for computer science education, and why America needs to keep up

Head Count Computer Science and Engineering

Whistleblower Call-in Report

DOJ Letter

DOJ Letter2(12/8/15)

What is the primary reason to disbar a lawyer? Do you think homages apply?

Regents email 1/9/2016

Homages and Office Stealing in the UC System

FAQ on Homages used in protection orders in California

What does specious mean for Protection Orders that are Homages?

District Attorney letter about "order" and TPOs that precede signed by ADAs - Brett's letter

What compensation was there when the Mathis error was discovered?

Video of property given from a baseless accusation

Other than having an obstruction of justice, why are there so many emeritus faculty offices missing from the UC system?(youtube 4mins)

Analysis of Apostille Documents Report-JonesDay law firm

Principle of Reciprocity in International Practice (used with permission of Ambassador Odeen Ishmael)

Letter to Senator Feinstein 1/3/16

2010 Decision

Previous UC Decisions on me 2010

OOPs from the Administration

UC A.2 is Fuggetaboutit(whose tenure/emeritus rights were short-circuited?)

Call-In Whistleblower Report to Office of the UC President

UC Whistleblower policy not covering fired employees

No Fear Act Coverage Proof (Federal) (see policy above)

What broken reasoning causes a violation of Bylaws and firing without cause? (see also next memo)

Diversity Visa Presentation for Thailand(Uploaded 6/15/12)

Kata's letter

Vitae (abbreviated)

Vitae (full/pdf) [greater than 15 pgs]

Biography for Wikipedia

Research Topics

Research Projects

Research Funding

Research Publications


Former Research Oversight at NSF

Talks Given at NSF and other Institutions

NSF Workshop Report
people who know me are listed in the Appendix

Former and Current International Collaborators

Why care about Science and Engineering and the research we do??

Old Media Announcement

OLD Media Announcement 2